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【drabble】 Read: Translation

Title: Read: Translation
Category: Final Fantasy XIII
Rated: [ G ] romance/hurt/comfort.
Characters: Hope/Lightning (HopeLight, HopeRai)
Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy XIII.
Summary: They have no use for ciphers. (Coded language is something they both do well.)
Versions: here @ fanfiction.NET

read: translation

Stars wink overhead; Cocoon glows in the distance. Farther, two Pulsians converse—hushed, an occasional giggle. Involuntarily, a ghost of sadness sets in. All lost somebody, but it seems only those two had found that someone again.

Him…? He lets go. Mom isn't coming back, he knows, but at least—

"Hope." Eyes search and he finds her. Gracefully, she slips closer, crouching so heads meet. A careful once-over, a quiet sigh.

"Firewood," she says at last, standing. "Coming?" (Want to talk about it?)

Slowly, a smile and a nod.

"Ok." (Thanks.)

Naturally, they fall in step. (Side by side.)


A/N. My OTP of this game. <3

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