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andrea ([personal profile] banquo) wrote2011-02-08 03:43 am

【drabble】 No shaking throne

Title: No shaking throne
Category: Realm of Arda
Rated: [ PG ] general/angst. light.
Characters: Cellon
Disclaimer: © Andrea. Please do not copy or reuse anything without permission. Thanks.
Prompt: -

no shaking throne

He stopped, seeing his childhood friend stare at him with awe, quiet and still as if waiting for something else to be done and said. But there were only shadows illuminated by firelight, which soon began to dance as he resumed his act, becoming an engineer… a king…

His brother.

He threw his arms up to the night sky and told a story on the spot. As the flames died, his arms fell back down, lifeless once more save for the smile that was on his face, for now he knew the value of words and the value of himself.

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