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andrea ([personal profile] banquo) wrote2011-02-08 03:40 am

【drabble】 Season of awakening

Title: "Or do you?"
Category: Realm of Arda
Rated: [ PG ] angst. light.
Characters: Berien
Disclaimer: © Andrea. Please do not copy or reuse anything without permission. Thanks.
Prompt: "A Tale of Four Seasons; Mention: summer, spring, winter, autumn." [ submitted by me ]

season of awakening

The summer heat overwhelms. The sun burns her back; the nightmares and screams return. Then it’s autumn, smelling of rotting wood, decomposition. The trees are ablaze with vivid reds, oranges, and burnt yellows.

Winter she enjoys. All that was rotting is now dead. No noises, no odors, no bright colors. Closing her eyes, she is left alone with her thoughts.

But later she will pause, hear the small chirping of unseen birds. A wind will brush her cheek lightly, carrying scents of pine, flowers, and sunshine.

A date will come to mind: March 25, 3019. Her eyes will open.


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