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【drabble】 "Or do you?"

Title: "Or do you?"
Category: Realm of Arda
Rated: [ PG ] general/humor (?).
Characters: Berien, Cellon
Disclaimer: © Andrea. Please do not copy or reuse anything without permission. Thanks.
Prompt: "Duo; Two of your characters meet." [ submitted by Heather ]

"or do you?"

“So,” he says, “you aren’t much of a talker, are you?”

She gives him a blank stare. She’s capable of talking, but there is no reason to talk, so she doesn’t. He sighs, wine swishes in the goblet. “Fine. What do you want? A show? Is that what you want?”

What does she want…? He’s supposed to give something to her, but all she mumbles is: “Show?”

He shoots up, wine spills. “Are you—where have you been?!” Everyone knows him and what a show is.

She turns away, exasperated. “I know what it is.”

A retort: “Or do you?”