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【drabble】 Watercolored

Title: Watercolored
Category: Realm of Arda
Rated: [ PG ] angst. light.
Characters: Pippin Took
Disclaimer: © Andrea. Please do not copy or reuse anything without permission. Thanks. Credit goes to J.R.R. Tolkien for the last line.
Prompt: "The Sea" [ submitted by Elmo ]


The skies are a blanched white. Sunlight rains down in small rivulets. He rides fast, and faster still when he sees figures in the distance—hobbit-sized figures. As he comes upon them on the shore, he stops.

Time stops.

And before he can stop, tears form as he sees his cousin give him a look and a smile, both apologetic and sincere. But he doesn’t know what to say, so instead he forces a laugh amidst his blurred vision that becomes genuine in a moment of sweet sorrow.

“You tried to give us the slip once before and failed, Frodo…”