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【drabble】 Lanterns

Title: Lanterns
Category: Realm of Arda
Rated: [ PG ] angst.
Characters: Berien
Disclaimer: © Andrea. Please do not copy or reuse anything without permission. Thanks.
Prompt: "Ghost" [ submitted by me ]


Lit like lanterns, the faces of the woman and the man gazed at her from the water. She raised a hand and swiped the puddle, sending water droplets flying. They scattered and silently fell in the damp grass.

They were still there.

“Do you remember us?” they seemed to say. Their eyes shone with hope, but the Elf sensed a sadness behind them.

It always made her angry, frustrated. Always two choices: yes or no. Always she was forced to decide, never knowing which one was right.

“… I don’t know you.”

They vanished.

But she was talking to herself.